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The Pine Wood Derby (PWD) is a legendary American Tradition. It balances hands on trade skills and sportsmanship. The PWD is a great activity for teaching physics and competition. Any child, male or female can build a PWD car that will allow them to express their own personality and experience the thrills of a race. The PWD is a great way to add exciting and memorable experiences to schools, church youth groups, camps, fairs, festivals, and club events.
We will supply the following:
  • A 42' Aluminum Track "The Best Track", equipped with fully electronic timers and race management software. Our track is simply amazing!!!
  • Your race will be run by one of our trained Derby race masters.
  • We provide everything you need to run the race.
    • Scales for weight inspection
    • A box for legal car measurements. Also known as the, "Go No Go Box."
  • We also provide the options to purchase kits from X-tremetalent for $35. You will receive ten kits which include the blocks, four axles, and four wheels.
You will need to supply the following:
  • A place to host the race
  • Awards of your choice. We recommend: Top 3 Best Looking (Show and Shine), Top 3 Fastest Cars.
  • Volunteers to check-in cars
  • We recommend that you sell refreshments to make money for your organization
  • Decorations for the Event
  • Exciting cars and racers
You have just found the best activity possible for your youth organization!!!!
Make your next event a memorable one!!
Pine Wood Derby
An American tradition
Teaching teamwork, physics and friendly competition!!
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Baton Rouge, Louisiana